Zombies in Manila issues 1-4 [scratch comics]

The comic IS indeed about what it says, but that merely scratches the surface of quite how incredible this is.

A nationally-funded project has gone terribly awry, causing a zombie epidemic within the populace. It is up to a small group of defenders to finally end the carnage, find the cure, deal with the most hated president in the nation’s history…..and protect the Pambansang Kamao?! (Seriously, they have to. No kidding.)

The fact that there are funds that support this effort is a major draw-in (the presentation is one of the best ones among the indies). But ultimately it’s the wonderful balance of the highly-detailed macabre art, the professional-grade paneling, the generous supply of speech balloons, and good characterization that makes the series memorable, no matter your persuasion about the zombie genre. The comedy strips at the end of several issues are fun too.

The characters themselves (yes, even their take on the Manny), are very interesting and distinct. All of them are very human through the gritty tale. Sufficient backstory is given on the major characters by around issue 4, and one for the Manny is expected eventually. Overall the story is probably heavily inspired by Sin City and comics of that kind, but the localization is a great one.

I’m not one to read about zombies, and though I had seen this series even last summer, I haven’t taken it up. I picked up all issues based on plugs from Pao during earlier Komikons, and I am glad that I finally read through it. I repeat, no matter what you think about zombies, this is one of the finer examples of what Pinoy komiks can possibly do, and you should pay attention.


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