Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah, Collected Edition (carlo vergara)

Yes, I know. I am many years late to reading this. I actually watched the movie version of this first, and that on cable TV, so late am I.

First off: many, many things were added to the movie version that are not in the book, though many of the key quips remain. Some things were also edited out of the movie since it’s PG-rated. This is probably also true of the musical version. Therefore even if you’ve seen the movie on Cinema One, do yourself a favor and read the book itself. Besides, Carlo Vergara KNOWS how to draw very hot hunky men that will leave you fanning yourself so hard. The voluptuous classic Pinoy-komiks style lends itself well to the author even as he updates and personalizes it for this story.

So many people have already gone through this graphic novel and have given it many favorable words. I won’t have anything new to say. But I will say that the series makes its greatest impact on the world precisely because it’s not out to preach or to make a statement. That certain moral or philosophical statements are made is merely incidental. The story had to be told, that is felt throughout the work. If any big things are said, it is by standing up and being itself, nothing more and nothing less.

I hope an international English version is made. Most of the comedy translates universally.


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