Callous: On Lighter Dreams (carlo san juan)

I got immersed into Komikon and met Sir Caz around the middle of the On Lighter Dreams storyline online. Therefore for quite a while I ignored the running storyline in favor of the slice-of-life episodic strips. I don’t remember how, but there was a succession of days when I found myself following Muscovy and getting hooked on finding out what happened, never mind if I jumped in the middle. Somewhere in the middle I jumped out, though, so I am glad for this compilation.

I’m rambling, again. Callous is normally the adventures of Dr. Rianne Nicah at work in the hospital. On long stretches of time such as this she goes off to save other-dimensionary worlds as the Black Queen on behalf of her friend Cal Duck. On Lighter Dreams is the continuation of the Land of the Guardians storyline. Muscovy, reformed rogue guardian duck, still finds himself having to prove his loyalty and allegiance at every step of the way. Meanwhile, Rianne, her doctor friend Aimee, and even her boyfriend Gray are pulled into an inter-world takeover by D’Shay, with only the Black Queen and her various friends/allies to stop it.

Through all the comedic antics spread throughout the adventure, On Lighter Dreams is all about acceptance. Everyone has to learn to accept Muscovy as he is. Muscovy has to learn to accept himself, past, present, and future. Amami Bunny has to believe in herself enough to help cause change, while people in her life have to accept that she is different and it’ll be okay. Gray must learn to accept this crazy girlfriend he has—all of her. Aimee accepts strange characters into her life as friends. And Rianne, in all her iterations in this storyline, learns to accept her purpose in life, and to accept that relationships are most important.

This is something you notice after you’ve put down the book and assimilated the whole story. What you notice while reading is just how insane yet how believable the scifi-fantasy-comedy-drama mishmash is. While the pacing of the individual strips is a little more uneven compared to the first series, the coherence of the whole is tighter.

You’ll have to read The Land of the Guardians before jumping into this book, in order to meet all the major characters. If you’ve already done that, with this you’re in for another inspiring ride through this crazy doctor’s imagination and warm heart.


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