Curtains for Hire (joanah tinio-calingo) [point zero]

During the course of development of this story, Komikon changed from this little event in the UP Bahay ng Alumni to the massive event in Bayanihan Center, the author added a dash to her name by marrying the Pasig author, and generally life happened. I am one of the many that are grateful that she finished the tale.

Teatro Ekada is a very new and small theater company, led by Eldrin. While preparing for the opening, they meet a grumpy businessman, father to a famous but estranged actor son. This gives the idea for their first play, which they will create from scratch, 24 hours before premier night! And don’t worry, they can actually pull this off, for Eldrin has special tricks up his sleeve, and Teatro Ekada is not your usual theater company…

This story is one of the best examples that good story, good pacing, and good paneling is more important than all the best art-type theatrics. For ika-siyam’s best card is not really her art (which is quite capable, don’t get me wrong), but her story. The fact that ika-siyam’s art is generally overshadowed by many other better art styles is one reason why I haven’t gotten around to reading Cresci Prophesies. Curtains for Hire and Kanto Inc. have shown me the error of my ways, so I shall eventually get around to reading the compiled series. Ika-siyam, like Macoy, has a keen sense of when simple art will do and when complicated art is needed, when the story is more important than any artistic posing.

Ika-siyam has an understated class and power of style. If purchasing Cresci Prophesies is currently beyond your budget, feel free to start with this short series to get a feel of what makes her a long-standing institution of the Komikon.


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