Drop Dead Dangerous (cabrera/banting) [happy lockjaw]

In a reinvented cowboy world, private detective Jack Smith has just hired Alice as his new assistant. He needs one to help solve the case of the maniacal serial rapist-killer running loose in the towns. Jack has a personal grudge against the serial killer: he left Jack’s wife psychologically unstable. Alice too has her own dark secrets. Together they might end the madness.

The story pacing and dialogue, while rather typical, brings a different edge to the cowboy genre. Some Pinoy-style humanity and emotion is mixed into all the western-ness of the story. Characters are immediately relatable, even if some are unlikable. The art style, heavily manga-based, also feels original to the illustrator and not clone-y. It is well-paneled, unafraid to use large ones when necessary. Typesetting is consistently balanced. Action scenes are clear and understandable.

On the whole the series is dark even in its humor, but still light-hearted in a way only our people can pull off with class and flair. I’ll start following this seriously.

(which means: oh my poor wallet…)


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