Gwapoman 2000 issue 3 / Manila Accounts 1081: The Binondo Attention Heist (mananita, felizmenio)

I’m not sure if it’s right that I’m totally a fan of who is supposed to be the bad guy of this series, but what the heck.

Short intro: Gwapoman is one of the outside-circle heroes of the Bayan Knights, and is one messed-up unlikeable shirtless dude. Alas is a cardster-illusionist-master-thief from the guy’s childhood and the thorn of the man’s side.

The third issue is solidly about Alas. And since it’s solidly about Alas this reader is very happy. The poor Gwapoman just lays unconscious for a good part of the chapter…and we don’t care one bit, hehe. The point of the chapter is just how Alas goes about to getting into this mess of infiltrating Bilibid, of all places, and getting Gwapoman and himself OUT of Bilibid for a final important mission.

The dialogue is all street-smart and well-thought. The pacing is really good. The art is now darker through the inking but actually clearer and more detailed. More, more! There is also enough preview to show that it all ends in Issue 4…after which, good sir, could we please have a compilation of the whole story, please?!


The preview to the Good Criminals Wear White series gives a quick look at a group of happy-go-lucky friends, back in the roaring 70’s, out to have a good time by stealing from Binondo shops and waiting for how long until the police or the Bayan Knights get on their tails. Which is taking quite a while.

Since the story is set in the 70’s, the fact that everyone talks good English is appropriate to the story. I also loved the fashion sense of the people in this story, not too flashy or extravagant, and obviously researched. I liked the Beetle very much.

The paneling is action-filled (it’s a heist after all) and yet it’s understandable through the car-chase. The four members of the team showed their individual personalities in the limited time of the few pages. In short, I’m waiting for Good Criminals Wear White, and am rooting for the team.


Overall, this is a art team to follow, a solid combination of excellent storytelling and excellent comic art. I used to be on the edge. Now I’m a fan.


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