Oh-No!Manga [kickbackers] [phygmalion studios]

I will concede. They are good. In many cases better than some. But they are not premiere. They just have backing.
This may also be me showing signs of my real age (as opposed to my thinking age), which has somewhat moved on from being deep in the anime scene. So if you happen to thoroughly like this kind of thing, please feel free to ignore this hag.

I did say they are good, and better than some. Many of the stories they have released are NOT AS run-of-the-mill as other pinoy-manga komiks, all have interesting concepts working for them, and many have interesting likeable characters. Almost all have a better sense of being manga-style BUT also distinctly Pinoy in their art.

However much remains to improve, and if better magazines with better komik series (like Mangaholix, Culture Crash, Mango! Jam, and PsiCom’s once attempt) have fallen to economic realities, the same economic realities are almost decidedly in its future if they do not maintain the momentum.

Looking for a Better Boyfriend (Enjelicious) — Normal school story about classmates, but the classmates are not ‘Normal’ for some reason and should be going about to being so. The concept is intriguing and should be better explained. As the succeeding chapters went on, the concept continued to be poorly explained.

Girl Gamer Girlfriend (Umpha/Enjelicious) — Nice but confused guy finds him torn between a nice-enough girlfriend and a girl gamer friend he wants to be more-than-friends with. Nice but forgettable guy, the girl gamer is immediately interesting.

Jet Loaf (Power-J) — In planet Kapopo intellectual/political/social status is demonstrated by how long your halo-tail is (just read to understand how it works, and how cute it looks). But the girl with the longest tail is a shut-in for some reason. High interesting story, with likeable well-drawn art.

Flour and Coin (Power-J) — Flour is a mail-separator for heaven, while Coin does the same work for hell, but mail gets to the wrong places and they get to meet. Pacing is a little off in favor of enjoying drawing the concepts and seeing the characters be cute, but this is forgivable. Highly interesting, and must continue.

Detective Dice (Raykosen) — The art is very competent. The detective is annoying, the pacing of the case is poor. Teaming with a writer is suggested.

2896 (Tuksoil/Del Caraig) — Somewhat better detective, with interesting presentation of a futuristic Philippines. Art is okay but needs to improve.

300 Perfect Game (Jeff Nicerio) — Very good art, obviously inspired by some Blade of the Immortal, and not in a bad way. A little too short to explain itself properly though.

A. Illusions (Columbia Kho) — As Ms. Kho is a vet from Mango Jam, A.Illusions is the most solid of all the presented stories. Several key people run an RPG-type forum that has special powers for its users at different levels. But some people are start to cause disturbances in the system, causing trouble for the admins. .hack-like in concept but cute and likeable in execution.


4 thoughts on “Oh-No!Manga [kickbackers] [phygmalion studios]

  1. Thank you for the review! (*´・v・) I didn’t think anyone would like A.illusions actually… So thank you! And I will share this with my fellow ONM artists. ~(^з^)-☆

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