Pilak: Ang unang aklat (chua/barrios/valiente) [artasia studios]

It says something about my lack of information about local showbiz that the name “Jeri Barrios” did NOT ring a bell with me. His face looks familiar, though. I’m happy to say though that the guy is not just a pretty face. He has a good scripting and komik-ing brain that makes this story come to life. What I’m saying: this is not an star vehicle, and that’s how it should be.

This is one of those komiks that are as classic-komiks as they can get (even the Tagalog used in this is quite classic), but it serves this theme well. High fantasy tends to look good in the classic-komik, Western-inspired style. A successor to a kingdom below the world barely survives a last-minute mutiny by being given a special amulet and being thrust into another dimension, to wait for re-activation of the amulet. Several thousands of years later, in Pinatubo-ravaged Pampanga, an orphan boy sees the amulet and awakens Pilak into a world totally changed, but with the same goals of finding the people he needs to restore his kingdom. Preferably, before the rock monsters are excavated by local government.

The art is classic, and the digital coloring complements it, such that it gives a classic feel without the bad paper. The presentation is professional, the printing has no fault. It also deserves place in the local comics stores, and the group should consider it.


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