rapid reviews

Lipad (Rommel Estanislao) — The release from the master Omeng that created the most waves in the last years, and now I understand why. It’s really inspiring…and really surprising. In between it’s really sweet and cute, well drawn and inked as only he can do it.

Bruho Barbero (Rommel Estanislao) — This gives a good demonstration of the more detailed work the master Omeng can do. Bruho Barbero is a new, well, barber and a stranger in a strange town. He’s a nice guy who hides a big secret: he used to be Bruno Barbaro the scourge of the country and the one everyone wants to battle. Typical story, but the execution is Pinoy-komik cute and excellent at once.

Work in Progress # 3 preview (Pacheco/Pavon) — This is the compiled recent posts from the website, unfortunately not enough yet to form a complete book, hence the preview. The base color is now yellow, but the art is still consistent and good. Eli now moves on to deal with a possible new fling, but then the original girl reappears. What to do. Keep following, the comic, of course!

Ang Maskot (Macoy) — One of his one shots, giving the travails of a fastfood employee who wears the mascot costume. Using the style best seen in School Run, Macoy gives the aspect of the employee life most people seldom see, and gives a humanity to the main character.

Card Battler Teks (Or, De Leon/Dans) — Very, very pretty in the professional-grade art style. Characters are interesting, main characters are not one-dimension. But the concept will be difficult to maintain as un-boring, the way it is a mashup of Yugioh, every battle-type kid manga you know, and local teks games. All that said I wish it had a regular recurring appearance in K-zone, where it may get a good following.

Pasig: Epilogue (Taga-ilog) — As I have mentioned in earlier reviews, I am in no good position to know the core characters of this series, nor its story. But it’s hard not to continue to be impressed by the art, paneling, and pacing of Pasig. It was also inspiring to read the introduction, and I’m glad he chose to keep on doing this work despite Ondoy.

Cadre: First-Born Sons/Procedural Drama (Magallona, Flores / Na, Escultura) [polyhedron] — People who will help our hero and form the core Cadre team are introduced, and they help deal with a kidnapping in the process. Gritty as usual, the art is serious in the modern-Western style and done really well. This also goes with the story insert at the end, a quick CSI-type discussion between the pathologist and the main character.

Karit: Ang Muling Paggising (Ronzkie Pacho-Vidal) [ikos] — It’s hard to believe a girl (and if the FB pic is anything to go by, a really pretty girl) is capable of writing and illustrating a story this gritty and pull it off well. A orphaned girl, servant to a cruel woman, has finally had enough and takes justice into her own hands. The line art is beautiful all throughout the piece, the paneling is consistently good, the characterization is excellent.

Sulsi: Nang Tangayin si Aw-Haw (Ronzkie Pacho-Vidal) [ikos] — Yet another by the pretty girl, it gives the story of five living stuffed toys, who find themselves missing the dog among their group. Very cute and very well-drawn, it’s a different take on the usual friendship theme, one that will go well with kids.

Empathy, Inc. (Baet/Enrique/Khan) [pulang punla] — Very well-drawn…but a lot of not much happens. Just a lot of waiting for something to happen, then some killing, then some taking stock. Such that we understand nothing of the four main characters introduced by this piece.

Tabas (Rawwrr Enrique) [rampage comics] — In a dark future where everyone has to fight to survive, a probinsyano finds himself stuck in Manila and having to fight off whoever he has to kill to keep living. But he has been trained well by strangers who saved him, and he is ready for them. The art is gritty and dark, the creator is not afraid of drawing violence where necessary. The inking is really good. You do feel for the main character, and that’s what’s important.

One Floor Up; Apartment Haunting (Lady Storykeeper) — Her art style suits the four-panel comic style better, though as demonstrated in Odd Fellows she can capably do both long form and short form. This gives the adventures of main character Diwa as she goes looking for a new apartment, and finds herself stuck in a haunted one. Very cute, well-paneled, well-made, with generally spot-on comedic timing.

Taking the Train (EJ Galang/Josel Nicolas) [QBCCC] — The smallest comic release in all of Summer Komikon, it is composed of random thoughts about being on the MRT/LRT, almost all of which anyone who has been on either can relate to. Taking from the indie-comics style, it is presented well within its deceptively simple technique with really great inking.


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