Salmon Komiks 2 (rojo, palmares-garin, palmares)

The girls who managed to sell their first issue recognized me and thus begged nicely for me to get their second release. I did like their first one, so I obliged. Much like the first time, the yuri-oriented cover is just, well, the cover.

We shall discuss the one-shots individually.

Suntok sa Buwan (Sab Palmares): A boy who grew up on the Angel Locsin-era Darna as well as Kamikazee’s song keeps wishing to see his hero in real life, even if his life is typical. But one day on the way home from the sari-sari, he runs into a thug, wishing even harder for his sexy hero…who suddenly obliges. The art is consistently good, more complicated and detailed than it was for the “Hello” oneshot. The paneling also has more variety.

After School Delight (Nica Rojo): A girl gets coerced into leaving a note at a boy’s locker, only to find that the boy is REALLY cute…but one she has absolutely no feelings for. What does she do if the guy suddenly turns on her? The answer is convincing and yet also surprising. The suspense factor is pushed nicely and paced well to help deliver the ending. This reader is grateful that the use of shojo flowers were minimized, and the art style has improved such that the token cute-boy shot actually works.

Happy Birthday (Kat Palmares-Garfin): A vertically-challenged young lady has had enough of the short-person jokes and ribbings, and seriously contemplates taking her life. Comedy balances out the theme of the story, and gives hope in the end. The artist has improved from the first issue. The art…I can now tolerate the art, even like it. Also the work is more evenly paneled, without using speech bubbles beyond their natural capacity, and leaving enough space for us to appreciate the characters.

This threesome make up one of those groups that understand the point: you can be manga-style but be yourself. The art and presentation continues to improve.

Keep up the good work. You’re all free to beg for a sale again in November.


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