Team Tag Team (benj bartolome) [happy lockjaw]

Dani is the newest member of a MMA-type wrestling school in the provinces, run by a former foreigner champion, after his friend champion Ibrahim Alajar disappeared and left the school to him. The wrestling profession itself is in decay, but Dani still believes in the sport and still dreams of getting another Pinoy in the international ranks. Meanwhile, he may start to have feelings for the schoolmaster’s daughter, while fumbling through the newbie mistakes.

This series is a combination of being from the Pacquiao era of sports, being from that same era that knows about champions who have fallen or grown old, and being well-versed in both amateur and WWE-type wrestling. This shows well in the writing. The art is highly unique to the creator, and compliments the story well. Finally the story is not so much about the wrestling as it is about the relationships in the story, as well as the theme that life goes on, some things have to be accepted, but other dreams have to held on to no matter what anyone thinks.

I’m also wishing this story to continue, and for the lead character to reach his dreams.


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