Tiktik: the Aswang Chronicles (matti/digital art chefs) [reality entertainment/agosto dos/gma films]

I swear it’s hard to concentrate on a komik when you’re looking at Dingdong Dantes at almost every panel.
Anyway. For the record I missed seeing the real thing when he passed during the event.

The komik gives a quick storyboard of the actual movie to come out in October, apparently the first full-green-screen movie in the country. I do hope the movie delivers well on this concept. Erik Matti was right to show off the storyboard of the movie early, though I’m not completely sure about the wisdom of doing so. I think I want to watch this movie now.

Makoy is a bad boy (which, if Dingdong really pulls off in the movie, it will be quite the change from his usual roles, which is a good thing) who visits his pregnant girlfriend’s hometown to make amends and take responsibility for his son. Somewhere in the making-amends, he raises the ire of the local aswang community, and all hell breaks loose. Somewhere in the mess, though, he just may make things right with the people who are important.

This storyboard also shows that other stars like Ramon Bautista and Joey Marquez will have unconventional characters in this movie, and that would be good to see. Only Dingdong Dantes looks much like himself in this comic, though.

The komik itself is paced, paneled, and colored very well, in the modern-Western comics style, bringing home the suspense with good timing. Just the right amount of pages was spent in delivering this story, not too short or too long. The editorial work Budjette Tan did for the comic helped it.

As itself the comic is highly recommended for its quality scripting and art. As a preview into a coming movie, it’s nice to see that local cinema hasn’t given up on itself and is willing to try something new.


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