Zombinoy (yleana/cruz et.al) [pelikomiks studios]

It runs in the usual way, but in the Pinoy setting: Big bad virus epidemic spreads through the nation before it knows what hit it. Soon the undead roam the streets and start the usual humans running for cover. The art also works in the usual way, heavily influenced by the classic-komiks style. Very well-illustrated art it is, too.

What sets it somewhat apart from other zombie stories (and in particular the predecessor Zombies in Manila) is its fully-Pinoy addressing of the issue. Most of the release discusses the military, religious, and political implications (American intervention, anyone?) of the zombie epidemic, with an even pace in the scripting and paneling that does not impose or info-dump on the reader.

The writer was not afraid to go grand with big political names, but also made these grand political characters very human. He was also unafraid to go small and make the zombie attacks deeply personal, as a chase happens while a boyfriend and girlfriend are threatened to split up.

The presentation is also quite professional, and if the group has enough drive they have enough going for their release to be a regular placement in the local comic stores (they should try it, for better exposure).


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