Zsazsa Zaturnnah sa Kalakhang Maynila 1 [carlo vergara, visprint]

This starts off where the first book ended, so don’t start with this one off the bat. It’s a lot gay-er than the original graphic novel, but this is not to say it’s more graphic. It just has a whole lot more of the lingo such that sometimes it’s somewhat harder to keep up. It also has a lot more SPG lingo, so this is definitely for the mature readers the series is meant for.

Dodong continues to be hot stuff. REALLY hot stuff. Um, yeah. And continues to make us hope he actually exists. (facepalm)

New characters and new story complications are introduced in this volume, which promises rather nice things for the coming books. It’s also a little more political than the original. The incredible classic-style art continues to be incredible.


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