The Last Valentine’s Day on Earth (abrera, et. al)

I’ve been having a depressing week, so I took a walk to The Collective (yes, I’m that near the place, and yet I rarely get to any of the exhibits or events), and went to Vinyl on Vinyl, where there’s a current Robotar exhibit. (It’s a really great Robotar exhibit, go look at it!)

Among the regular things Vinyl on Vinyl has is this indie-released booklet from a group of artist/komik-making friends, the most luminary being Manix Abrera. The others are (by ‘alphabetical order’): AJ Omandac,Anjo Bolarda, Apol Sta. Maria, Bru Sim, Dan Matunina, Dang Sering, Kat Medina, Marcushiro Noda, Tof Zapanta, and Zeus Bascon.

Each contributor gave his/her interpretation of the given theme: the last V-day of Earth. Some present the end of the world, some the end of the universe, some just the end of love. Some present this universally, many present this on a personal level. One gives out what they wished they loved before the end, while another presented what loves are probable only when the sky is falling (such as the indian-mango and the star-apple). This, of course, results in quite a nice hodgepodge of art styles and presentations, ranging from the purely romantic to the sarcastic.

Majority of the presented mini-komiks and art panels do get their points across, though there are others that got much too esoteric…thus leaving me going, “huh?”. Nonetheless, there is no denying the skill and the quality of all the presented art in this little anthology. It is quite an impressive collection, and one can just wish there will be another anthology by this group of talented individuals.


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