13th Night Crisis: Moonlight (harley/kixmachina) [guild mistral]

Second-class Moonlight Soldiers Dievon, Gleen, and Vinz are sent out on their first major mission: to find First-class soldier Jhae Rivers, who has gone missing-in-action. Especially to Gleen and Dievon, this is great opportunity to prove themselves as great fighters and sword-wielders. But things quickly turn ugly as they find out they walked into a trap, set by a traitor in their midst.

Inspirations from Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, and several other games and shonen series are clear in many of the panels and characters, as well as in the general run of the story. Nonetheless it is paced well, and created with the intention of being original, not a clone. It’s a step in the right direction.

The use of Tagalog in the story is appreciated. Since there is a way we culturally do and go about things that is inherently different from the Japanese, the decision to use Tagalog spills over into making the work more Pinoy as a whole. Not only is the work peppered with the way we show we are happy and proud of our skills, it also shows how we are disappointed in ourselves when things go wrong.

Of course the work does have much space for more improvements, but it does have the right heart, idea, and battle plan. I’m anticipating better work from this author as the series progresses.


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