Crime Fighting Call Center Agents 1 and 2 (pascual/bernardo) [kowtow]

I realize just now that I never get around to reviewing the first release. I first bought CFCCA not at a Komikon, but at Planet X.

(Which leads to me saying: komikeros, I am not kidding about this, make your wares available at the comic stores that will have you, because you never know who may first meet your work at a comic store or who would have plans to buy up all known issues. This has worked in favor of the Meganon releases, for example, and is the main reason why Trese is so well-known now.)

The series is generally what the title says it is, though most of the crime-fighting is toward otherworldly beings. A foursome of agents with a penchant for traveling out-of-town during off days find themselves magnets for trouble. It helps that all four have various innate though incredibly normal mad skills. You know, like the power to be incredibly sarcastic during panic moments, the skill to drink copious amounts of alcoholic beverage and be good enough to take out a zombie horde, the deduction to eventually understand you’re dealing with aswang…those kind of mad skills.

The dialogue is smart and snarky in the way of this yuppie, well-educated, stressed-out crowd. The art is some of the most highly detailed and most impressive currently around. And yet it does its awesome job without losing its sense of sarcastic fun and comedic heart. The Frank Miller inspiration is clear in every aspect of the work, and yet it’s still uniquely Pinoy all the way.

Eventually we need a movie or two about this material. It may even be a national hit.

Follow their online version over here!


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