Force 8 track two (tomokii)

Track two will be the last offline printed version of Force 8, and I’m one of those saddened by this news. For one, because tomokii’s Force 8 is one of the most unique and most visually arresting among the komiks releases of the last few years. Tomokii however assures that Force 8 will continue online.

The gap between the previous release does show in track two. Events in this issue feature the aftermath of the earlier color wars, and show that the color wars have now been commercialized, systematized, and sanitized into battle tournaments. Which is still a great concept, don’t get me wrong. But I do need to know how the transition happened.

The main weakness Force 8 still has is in its pacing, as the work tends to be very atmospheric and done on a large scale. This is not a gripe against her artwork, of course; you know I’m a solid fan of her presentation methods and style. Still, not a lot happens in several pages of awesome art, so beyond a certain point the pacing leaves something to be desired. This pacing problem will indeed be partly improved by the move to an online version.

I will still definitely follow this series, and hope for all the success for tomokii’s work and art. I still hope for future compilations of the online version (the way Work In Progress is compiled offline), and will still purchase them when available.


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