Hipon Gamay 1 (rh quilantang/odree) [frances luna III illustration firm]

You must realize that I was rushing through Summer Komikon this year, so Hipon Gamay was one of the things I considered getting back then on the first surveying, but I forgot where RH has a table so this wasn’t bought. This has been corrected.

Hipon Gamay is a young ladies man who has found and lost love as many times as the zodiac has signs. Hipon gushes about a new girl he wants to date to his friends Tabo and Joey. But the girl, Amy, apparently is Joey’s relation. Yet Hipon wants the girl so very much that…….I’m not sure what exactly happened, but something happened.

(Um I think I just NOW understood what happened, but it took me four reviews of the last few pages. I will not explain further so as not to spoil. There are enough feelers and dropped clues, now that I think about it, and if the clues were more obvious it would have spoiled the joke. The way the clues were dropped was just right. I’m just that dense, that’s all.)

I’m not sure if this makes sense, but somehow Hipon Gamay gives a feel of BOTH RH’s style (as presented in Goodbye rubbit) and Odree’s style, even if this is Odree’s artwork, as a collaboration with RH’s writing. This results in a work that is nicely sparse in its paneling to good effect, while keeping a steady pace of the dialogue. But on the whole RH was right to pass the illustration to someone else, as the story suits Odree’s presentation style well. The art is consistently well-inked and detailed while maintaining a competent cute look. The typesetting is really good.

The buildup of the story toward its punchline is done well, introducing all the relevant characters well and giving us enough information about Hipon’s girl problems while keeping us entertained by it. The dialogue is smartly paced, the way most Pinoy conversations go, and is convincing without over-dragging.

Overall, yup, Hipon is in a hell of trouble…and I’m staying to find out how he gets out of it!


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