Lakan at Makisig 3 (giosdesk)

This is my formal introduction to Lakan at Makisig, which are the webcomic adventures of the author’s two cute children. He released a third offline compilation booklet at Indieket.

The comics are 4-panel strips, all slice-of-life, moments in the life of Lakan (the younger boy) and Makisig (the older). It’s just the kids getting into various kinds of mischief at home, enjoying the electric fan, breaking things while playing, blaming little brothers to avoid getting into trouble, that kind of thing. It’s in knowing when a little event is worth posting, and how to deliver the punchline, that’s what makes this little series worth the follow.

It also helps that the art style is very cute while being very competent and detailed. The typesetting is well-executed when present. But this being a comic about little kids, most of the comedy is delivered visually.

The simple, adorable, simply adorable series is definitely worth the follow, whether you have kids or not.


3 thoughts on “Lakan at Makisig 3 (giosdesk)

  1. wow thanks for the simple review. much appreciated! btw Makisig is the older and Lakan is the youngest. I put Lakan first alphabetically. Im posting daily and guys like you make it worthwhile. thanks again!

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