Manila Automat Primer (mica agregado)

This one is as experimental-comics as komiks can get. As a primer, this is pretty much an introduction of the artist, how she thinks, her thoughts/feelings about her first time making a comic. As such, it’s a highly unique piece, while staying understandable.

And being understandable is rather important. It’s one thing some art pieces tend to forget. There is a way to bring a point across without becoming commercial if you don’t want to be. But clarity is important.

In each page and panel we feel the challenges, both internal and external, that each comic artist goes through in various degrees, primarily insecurity and pressure toward conformity. While several pages are done similarly, all of them are striking and demand attention, grabbing you by the neck and keeping you focused.

As an introduction to the work she is making, it is a great advertisement, and I will definitely find it once available. As a stand-alone work, it is a good look into an artist’s dreams and fears, and a good addition to komiks in general.


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