Mark 9verse47 issue8 (ezawa/pascual/dragfly) [meganon]

The current story and the backstory now come together to drive the story forward. Ron Hunter almost literally meets his maker. He definitely meets some cutie angels. Said handsome winged ones give it to him straight: his purpose in life will now drastically change, as he goes in search for the gatekeeper of heaven and hell. Thus Ron becomes Visdei. But in the real time, Visdei and Stephen have major problems on their hands, as Mal starts a wave of carnage just to find them.

Tepai Pascual is definitely coming into her own now. The Hagaren influences are starting to fade and assimilate into a personal unique style. Mal no longer looks like a white-haired Kimblee, but is rather his own scary character now. The detail in the ‘library’ scene as well as other key points is really impressive, shadowed only by her work in Maktan 1521.

The pacing of Maika Ezawa’s story keeps improving as well, such that Ron is given airtime to have legitimately clueless responses, considering what he’s going through, no matter how he presents himself to the world. The rapid contrasting in this issue between Ron and Visdei was also really nice. Mal, too, has moments of humanity, which in a story like this is a good thing, making you feel even a little sympathy for the bad guy which improves overall interest.

If I have any major gripe, it’s only in the typesetting and in several grammar errors in the entire issue. I do understand that these are part of the rush of the Indieket, but all the same I had hoped the editor would have caught them early enough.

Clearly this storyline will still continue for quite a while. And that is a good thing. It is good to have a group thinking beyond 4 issues. We need more like them if we intend to have a komiks industry again.


2 thoughts on “Mark 9verse47 issue8 (ezawa/pascual/dragfly) [meganon]

  1. Omg! Thanks for that wonderful review! ❤ ❤ ❤
    Do forgive us for the grammar errors. Dragfly wasn't available for the edits so we were actually killing ourselves while doing her job. XD

    We are planning to print the books off-set next year so your request for the typesetting will be addressed. 😀
    The third book will be the last of Mark 9verse47 though. ^_^;

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