MeelHeid Zetsubo (untalkativeboy) [guild mistral]

The days of despair are coming for a fantasy-type world, to be heralded by the Seven Heavens, a group of the best-skilled people of that world. A group of people are tasked to stop the Seven Heavens…if they could manage to get along long enough, and if they manage to find this girl Phage who is lost somewhere else.

Unlike the other mentioned title, this one does have the feeling of wanting to be a manga, just done by a Pinoy. This is the mindset that has to change and shift. Being manga-inspired is one thing; wanting to make a manga with all its trappings and tropes as a Pinoy is another. It’s one reason why American manga-style comics generally don’t work either. In this case, this results in a work that has confusing paneling, characters who give characteristic lines, and action scenes that are not explained well.

The world and the characters are interesting enough, though the characters are a little hard to know well, with the way some of them look similar or move similarly to each other. The inking and typesetting, as well as the art presentation, are indeed competent.

If manga-style is indeed your thing, it’s not a bad story and release. But we should stop being what we are not, and embrace what we are. I may still give this series another chance in November, though. ^^v


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