Pasig2 issue 2 (taga-ilog) [point zero]

Most of you already know what I think about this series (and actually, almost all releases of the Point Zero team), so I don’t have much to say. And if this is an Indieket-rush job, I don’t know what to expect if the author is given time and space.

Dante is getting recruited into the ‘sabong’, fight tournaments to the death using real humans. It’s not that he can’t do it, of course, but the risks he’ll have to take on in order to do so. Meanwhile, Mina and her group of bounty hunters track a suspicious trading deal, risking life and limb more than usual.

Pasig2 continues to demonstrate the author’s professional training complimenting his dedication to this work. Taga-ilog is still one of the industry standards, one of the examples of what all other artists have to strive for in all aspects of the komik-ing.

In the case of Pasig, the character profiles and ‘nakaraan’ sections are not info-dumping to me, but instead are essential, as I am new and not from the Culture Crash era of releases.

Somebody seriously, seriously, give this guy the means and the ways to do this for a living, no longer as a hobby. He has the mad skills to go translated-international. Someone give him that chance.


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