Salmon Komiks lite issue [salmon komiks]

Wherein the Salmon girls prove to us that they’re as capable in the 4-panel comics as in the full-page comics, despite the shock that the sudden announcement of Indieket gave them. And yes, apparently they do like their yuri. (Of course it’s not in the comics themselves, but they make no apology of the fact.)

Being the admittedly rushed work this is, all the releases are in the 4-panel style, which is easier to pull off in a hurry. This results in a threesome of comedic pieces, as is appropriate to the 4-panel style. All three individually work around a theme and end after several pages (that is, some of the strips stand alone but not all).

“Ano Daw” deals with the slight confusion between using the word ‘strip’ in reference to making a comic strip, and in reference to undressing for various reasons of employment or enjoyment. Along the way it also pokes fun at life at home with just siblings without parents.

“Diva Dubber” is where Nica Rojo spills some of the frustrations of her busy life as a dubber, in relation to her being a komikera. With the moral being: dubbers are human too, so be nice about your online/offline comments about them.

“Hipster” is where a computer-savvy person and her friends discuss real life using internet lenses. Most yuppies and college are definitely going to relate to all the MMORPG references, parents asking for computer help, and Photoshop references.

Obviously the Salmon komiks girls are fast becoming something of an addiction with me, despite all the things-to-improve that I keep mentioning about their releases. Their hearts are in the right place, and they do have the potential to keep improving.


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