Saudade: a tale of love found and lost (kixmachina) [guild mistral]

Desmond and Daphne are childhood friends who had an opportunity to be more than friends. But real life intervened on both their families, forcing them to drift apart. Now as adults, and generally well-married, they meet again, wondering about what would have happened if they got together.

Overall the work gives the impression of being a bit too controlled, a bit too stiff, in its paneling and inking. It probably comes from the nervousness of a first-timer at Komikon when it was first released. Nonetheless the paneling is good, the pacing is fine, even better than some of those who regularly appear at Komikon.

Enough information is given about both major characters to make us feel for their plight and invest in their story. I am also glad that the spouses are not put in a bad light, that is, they are not villains, they are nice people, they are just unfortunate. I liked it that both characters were unwilling to drop everything in the name of love, thinking about all the practical things, and considering that the spouses do love them and they matter. The coming-together of both parties was also done well, without soap-opera drama, without major fuss.

It’s a nice, well-done first attempt at making a comic, and the author will only get much better from here.


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