SSM! Jet 1 (silent sanctum manga)

SSM has been releasing anthologies for a while now, but this is my first one, and it had to be the one where the running theme was it had to be ‘kiddie’. Of course, this is not to say that the compilation is for children. It is not.

Most of the work was done by Dark Chapel, and all are comedic and sarcastic at once, to good effect. “The Justice Legion in ‘Bagong Computer’ ” has his take on superhero leagues, going out of their way to get a secondhand computer plus parts. ”Dr. Hook in ‘Nadagitab’ ” has the villain on his off-time, enjoying, well, some fish. “Fronknonoy” is the life and times of a small Frankenstein, late for school, and on his crazy way to quickly get there.

In some places the art got too cramped and thus confusing, but on the whole it’s smart, distinct, and funny. Mentions of FB, Angry Birds and DotA are definitely for the win, especially when in reference to superheroes.

This comic veers toward the comedic side of the komiks spectrum. But this is the nice thing about the rising komiks wave: it has a place for everyone. If this is your kind of thing, it will definitely not disappoint.


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