This time around I will be courageous (gentatsu) [guild mistral]

30-year-old Gabriel is a nice enough artist-type guy with a steady job but still no steady girlfriend. He does have someone he likes, but is too shy and too worried to make any actual moves. He asks for some help from an old friend, who only gives the wise advice to just say it. Which he does try to put into practice.

Very simple, and the author is the first to admit it. It’s in the execution where gentatsu proves he has what it takes to make more complicated stories in the future. The inspiration from Umina Chika is clear (this is not a complaint; the atmospheric, even-paced romantic style of the Honey and Clover author is a great place to be inspired). Nonetheless he brings his own personality and dreams into every page of this comic.

The art is definitely manga-inspired but is unique to the author. It simply aims to be his own comic, not anyone else’s and not copying from manga. All panels and speech balloons are neither too cramped nor too open-spaced, and has a good pacing of the story, giving Gabe’s thoughts and fears time to be properly expressed without overstaying their welcome.

It’s a good release, and I’ll be waiting for future installments of this simple love story.


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