When Chloe and Seth First Met (amos villar) [core studios]

We begin with the comic Pilar liked the most out of everything she bought.

This komik is what Work in Progress would be if the geeky hero’s girlfriend was one of the most wanted super-criminals of the world, in a world where superheroes are as normal as could be. Geeky hero Seth, though, is as NEET and comic-book-geeky as they get, something that Chloe actually seems to like, and they hit it off well…until things get really, really ugly.

The back blurb and front cover gives a little too much information, though that may or may not be the point. The inside contents gives enough story to deliver on the promise of the covers, but stopped too early. Much of the first issue is character-building, anyway, establishing the relationship between Seth and Chloe, so this is not a major gripe. The two do look really nice together, in their convincing geeky way. Now that you’re invested, you can go on and wait for issue 2 to explain that awesome issue 1 cover.

All the introduced characters are immediately likeable and distinct from each other, realistically Pinoy-middle-class geeky. The story pacing is good, though as mentioned it either spent too long on the romance angle or stopped too early, take your pick. The introduction of the villain was stereotypical…though the fact that the good guy is the bad guy is a nice twist on things.

The art style is unique to the author, a nice mix of inspirations from local fan favorites, Western slice-of-life comics, and manga-style reactions. The paneling and speech-ballooning was weak in some places, but generally done very well. The cover was created really well. There were some problems with the printing of the inside pages (some places faded in the process), but I have no major gripes.

Overall it’s a highly interesting issue 1, with a likeable premise and very likeable people. Despite the problems mentioned, I shall definitely be hunting for this series and will finish it.


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