Zombinoy 2 (yleana et.al) [pelikomiks studios]

The zombie invasion rages on at the NCR, and our story splits into three subplots. Paolo continues to have girlfriend problems, while they manage to find shelter with a druggie who might know more than he should about the epidemic. Paolo’s brother Ryan is stuck in the area of Manila and the pontifical university, pulled into a crazy stunt to run away from the zombies with his skateboard buddies. Meanwhile in the highest echelons, the president is trying to stall a full-scale sellout of the country to the Americans.

I agree with their assessment that even as a rush job this is even better than their first release. They properly learned from the few mistakes they had. The overall editorial control over the three sub-stories was good enough that the differences between art styles of the three main artists evened out and created a consistent whole.

The story continues to be well-paced, with the dialogue neither too overbearing or too sparse. The dark humor continues nicely without being annoying. The reactions of all the people involved are still realistic and convincing.

As noted, the paneling continues to be half classic-komik and half Western to good effect. The typesetting is consistently well-done. Finally, something must indeed be said at how good their publishing and off-set printing are for this series. They found a good publishing partner.

Overall it’s still a solid series, one that should still consider being on a Sacred-Mountain pace (local Walking Dead series, anyone?) instead of the Komikon-circuit pace, for availability in comic stories.


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