Duyan ng mga Magigiting (aparentado / rd-z)

I was passing through Planet X and found this there, so it got bought. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no clue to whom will I attribute this komik. (Edit: the Kowtow comics people have been nice enough to provide the author/illustration info, now added to the top.)

As the first issue of the komik, this just gives basic introductions of the setup and the main characters. The world is going crazy everywhere, and there are several superheroes already defending the peace. The Philippines does have its league, but it’s not introduced here yet, save for the start for one little guy who gets bullied.

This lack of someone to name as author saddens me because the art is highly detailed and well-proportioned, excellent in its use of paneling and shading. It’s a little weaker in its pacing, though, since it spent too much time in the buildup (well-drawn though they may be), and too little time with actual characterization.

All the same I may give this a chance, if ever I see it again. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Duyan ng mga Magigiting (aparentado / rd-z)

  1. Dude, we’re working on it with a different artist (sad to say, he had to leave the project for more stable work), expect it to be released online early or mid next year. Hopefully, you’ll get to love the new artist. We’re planning a one and done origin story (expect 90+ pages) – Amado Aparentado

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