rapid reviews

This is the last of the pile of komiks I got off the Kowtow boys, thank you very much for the loan. (Just tell me when you want them back and how to give them to you.) Sorry I ran out of many words to say.

The Adoboverse Komiks (Bien del Rosario) — This is composed of two stories, Gulayman and Dude Patrol. Both feature really interesting superheros and villains, in a nice comedic art style with very clean digital lines. The pacing and the introduction of all the characters is also really good, for such a short comic for each. It’s such a sad thing that this guy isn’t in more recent Komikons, he has skill enough and to spare.

Sugbo Jam 1 and 2 (Super Debil Robot) — This is the anthology by the Cebu komikeros, and they show that they’re as capable as their northern counterparts, if not more so. The group has great comic-ing sense and generally favor a style with high detail and packed pages, while having the spice of Visayan comedy. We need more of these people reaching this side of the country more often!

Gerilya (gonzales, zapanta, villarete, various artists) — Okay, I concur. This is some of the most awesome line art I’ve seen among the indies of the years before I was this heavily invested. The stories are really good too, with the pacing and paneling to match. If the Gerry Alanguilan feels somewhat underwhelmed by the current crop, these are probably one of the reasons why. And yet, and yet…where are these guys now?

Komikero Komiks Anthology 3 and 6 (various artists) — The master Gerry’s antho has the same objective as most of the anthologies have: it gives an avenue for both the more seasoned artists, as well as the starting ones. These issues therefore have a combination of really great strips from the veterans, as well as rather rough first attempts by newer members in the ranks of the informal komiking school. What I like is that all of them are given an equal chance, as long as they submit on time with clear copy.

Cartoons (Kuya Ding) — I’m not sure who the Kuya Ding is, but clearly he works as an editorial cartoonist. There are then three-panel comic commentaries on the editorial cartoon below each. Then there are long-form comics. It’s all snarky, all great typical Pinoy-funny-komiks stuff, all pretty good.

Another batch coming.


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