rapid reviews (anthologies)

This is still the backlog from the GTMACC, though some of these are still relevant. Some are from the Kowtow guys, with my thanks. Once again, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t like it if it got a rapid review. I just can’t think of a lot of words to say about them. And if I don’t do it this way, I’ll never get done.

Shhhhhh…. [Juan Dayreksyon Production] — These are works by Rawwrr Enrique and his friends (since most of them had individual tables last Komikon several tables had this). In general these guys and girl are known for their out-of-the-box irreverent humor with art styles to match. Most of the stories dealt with love in its various forms and pains. Some of them clearly have more growing up to do, but all of them are improving and show potential. Strongest: Ayat Ko by Rawwrr Enrique. Weakest: Shiroi Akuma.

Jolly Kid Comics [InfernalKrusher Factory] — As a whole the works released in the antho are geared toward little boys with a science fiction bent. The paneling occasionally needs work, but all of them have great digital or traditional inking, great sense in the making of their mecha characters, and nicely cute renderings.

Pinoy Old School Komiks [Dayo] — This is the work of classic-komiks artist Jun Dayo and his relatives and progeny, plus Roni Santiago (yes, THAT Roni Santiago), and a few other friends. This definitely shows the breadth and depth of the skill of one of the master komikeros, in many kinds of stories and layouts in just a few pages. However when you see something like this, you also distinctly feel the end of an age. That said, by all means make the man happy and get this when you see it, he is so worth the time.

Guhit Bayanihan Studio Anthology — This is the combined work of Chard Arguilla’s friends such as Vellum Bamboo. The antho is a mixed bag, as mixed as the skills of the artists involved. Strongest: Ang Pag-ibig ng Gagamba sa Isang Paru-paro and The Noc Show.

??? issue 2 [DJ Legaspi] — Yes, that is the title. This is the second compilation of online works by the author, dealing with Argos his pet dog, childhood ball games, life at work, and marriage, among other things. His style is alternative, but very observant and smart. I loved the wedding comic.


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