not a review: grazie, katekyo hitman reborn. ciao.

KHR was to me what the Big Three (Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece) are to most people. Now it is really ending. And a part of me is sad to see it go, even if I thoroughly understand why.

I was formally introduced to the series by several online friends in 2008. I had decided then to NOT take the first batch of board exams, out of immense fear. That decision left me highly, highly disappointed with myself, and one of the closest I ever got to seriously contemplating……well Melancho of northeast came from me.

Said online friends suggested it, so I looked it up.

It was absurd. It was nuts. It was funny. Funny enough to get my thoughts away from darker things, long enough. It had nice characters I liked, and wanted to know about, so I held on to know more. It eventually grew an interesting story, so I kept holding on. I got hooked. I kept holding on for each succeeding week to know more. It worked, until such time as I no longer needed it as much.

The series gave me something to do and to be interested in, something to be proud of in myself, when there was nothing else. It gave me new online friends. It gave me material to make little websites with. It gave me new material to make fanfic with for a while. Its core theme planted with me, and spoke to a me that had no trust in herself left. All this, from a silly little manga.

Komikeros, promise me you guys will never underestimate the impact of your work on a person.


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