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I have a little time with my brain free and un-tired (but, man, so wanting to sleep), so here are some quick notes. Again, it doesn’t mean that it got a rapid review, that I did not like it. I probably just don’t have a lot to say.

The Adventures of Starchild and Jagannath 1 (Kevin Ray Valentino) [Drifting Vimana] — Now this is a great improvement from the first issue (eg. the ‘zero’ issue) released a year or two back. The art is more highly detailed but more properly organized in very understandable panels. Fallon Starchild is still a very precocious kid, but does present as a kid this time. The given story of him stopping some political unrest in a steampunk planet is done well, though it still spouts a lot of comic-ese. Eventually we do want a proper backstory of how Fallon and his family got into this situation.

Sean (Nicoy / Kenet) [SenZaru] — Risa is lucky to have the cute Tagalog-speaking foreigner Sean as her school project partner. Sean seems to be a really nice guy, and even if Risa has no intentions of being in a relationship with him, she finds herself really interested. But Sean may have many secrets up his scarf,which are just barely revealed when Risa’s former boyfriend starts causing trouble. The art style is really good, clearly defining Sean’s foreign-ness in contrast to Risa’s Pinoy-ness. The paneling is clean and organized. The dialogue went on for a bit too long so the story dragged a bit. Too little information is given about Sean INSIDE the story, but too MUCH information is given in the back cover of the comic. These said, Sean as a character is indeed interesting, and is worth the follow.

Oh! Yih! (Jimmuel Magat) [Giosdesk and Friends] — The action panels were rendered very well, all giving a great sense of movement. But quite frankly, aside from me understanding that this was a heist on a truck, I did not understand what was going on.

Sinag 2 (Jaudaux Agdeppa) [Ashfrost] — The author listened to the comments on the first issue, such that the inking is a lot better. But it’s also a lot thicker. The story continues to be interesting, but the POV character keeps shifting through the pages, making the story delivery rather confusing by the end.

Pad (Ardie Aquino) [Giosdesk and Friends] — The comic is an adventure in love gained, love kept, and love eventually lost by a young man with an apartment space. I’m not sure how the artist did it, but the art is presented such that the characters appear in the foreground like cutouts over a background. The art style itself is cute and correctly puts emphasis on the main characters involved. This one is really cute and worth the get in future Komikons.

Teenage Gamer Squadron (Kevin Manguara / Kurt Montemayor) [GX Pen Studio] — VERY high production values. Very nice looking art. Very good digital inking and paneling. Very interesting-looking characters. All wasted because the characters just stand around and talk for panels and panels without actually doing anything! Backgrounds show almost nothing. Whole comic stopped too soon.

Codename: Venus 2 unang yugto (Haro / Bert Anthony) [Pirte Ba!] — The contrast, thus the improvement, in the art and paneling is great and is visible when this second issue is given after the summary of the first. The main character Maki (a guy) is cuter-looking and thus more interesting. This is especially true when he takes down two bullies with ease, without having to real his identity as a former assassin. The story stops too abruptly, though. Overall, this is one nice practitioner of the manga style, and continues to improve. This is one of those groups that does get the point right: be Pinoy through and through even if you decide to keep manga techniques.


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  1. Whoa, many thanks for the review! 😀 I’ll try to get on with it as soon as I get out of academic limbo. 😛 Mind if I link and follow your blog? Many thanks, again!

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