more rapid reviews

I apologize for the delay. Work and tiredness happens.

Scarborough Shoal comic (Jun Dayo) [Dayo] — Everything about this comic is so awesomely, and also so painfully, classic komiks, just aided by current digital techniques for inking and lettering. The battle for Panatag Shoal is fought on two fronts: on the halls of power and on the high seas. Locally we have several good military people, but the Chinese have specialized forces. All well and good, but dialogue and comic pacing like this died in the 1960’s. Again, oh definitely it’s incredibly good art-wise with a great awareness of pacing, as expected of this classic master. But…it’s classic. TOO classic. It’s impossible to hate, but also hard to like.

Nardong Tae [Abang Guard Productions] — I found this among one of the published-comics indie sellers, strangely. This is the highly irreverent and alternative version of the poop monster (which has been attempted by Carlo Valenzuela and Omeng Estanislao), except that now he’s a hero. It’s not exactly gross, but it’s clear the author has been smoking something. The art is actually competent and understandable, even if resulting in busy pages. The pacing is actually good, even through all its absurdity. The characterization for the protagonist is convincing. Whether you will like this or not depends on your taste in comics, but if you’re after some low-level laughs it’s not bad at all.

Tabak (Jonathan Tepace) [T-Phase] — Inking is heavy but really good. Presentation of unique characters is not bad at all. Paneling is okay. However the fantasy story is nearly impossible to understand, as all the characters just stand around, look good/sinister, but do not do much that we could comprehend.

Manila Aftermath: Fr. Ellie (John Aeron Tepace) [T-Phase] — This one is easier to understand, though the author seriously needs experience in typesetting and paneling. This introduces Father Ellie, a muscular yet religious anti-hero, one of the superhero fighters among a group of people the author plans to reveal. His backstory and current status was given in just the right amounts in the short comic. The character’s skills were also given nicely. Growing up needs to happen, but not bad at all for starters.

Luzviminda (Ray Magbanua) [Revel Circle] — Presidential typing secretary by day; superhero by night. Luzviminda is one of the outer-circle Bayan Knights, and was initially created for a make-a-superhero contest. What I most appreciated is how respectful of the female this story is, a respect learned from having good parents and grown-ups around. Aria is sexy and she knows it, but that’s just one of her aspects, along with being a kind eldest sister and a hardworking woman. The choice of clothes, therefore, are also tasteful, appealing, but not inticing. If more females were written like her, there would be less of the need for The Hawkeye Initiative. Raykosen’s art style continues to improve and stabilize for the better. His pacing and paneling is also much better as time goes by.

Rebolusyon, o ang paghayag ng sama ng loob (Jay Amar) — This is a second release of a short comic originally from 2005, and does show the influence of the masters of the indie age. It recounts, seriously yet hilariously, the travails of one hapless young man with a major, erm, impending problem on waste disposal. The pacing is just exactly right, heightening the suspense regarding the events. The paneling is straightforward rectangular, which focuses your attention of the action in the story. The art style is appropriately detailed to emphasize the story. All in all, it’s well-made, and quite funny.


6 thoughts on “more rapid reviews

  1. hey, nardong tae is a classic already. it’s by the esteemed artist louie cordero. kudos to you if you were actually able to get issues 2 and 3.

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