Pilandokomiks: Ang Tatlong Sumpa (borg sinaban) [anino] [adarna house]

Meanwhile, Adarna House is also getting in on the act that Visprint has started. In their case they’re trying to make komiks for kids. One of these is the Pilandokomiks, which is a komiks version of the Pilandok stories originally by Virgilio Almario and Kora Dandan-Albano. But Borg Sinaban seems to have been given free rein in how to present the stories. Ang Tatlong Sumpa is the first release.

Easy-going and confident but nicely helpful Pilandok takes on the case: the forest animals of Dantaong Gubat ask his help against a greedy logger chopping down too many of their trees. Pilandok personally tries his trickster strategy into scaring the logger out of doing so, by giving three curses. The process is interesting and funny.

Immediately you can see one important advantage of cooperating with a major publisher: the chance to go full-color and not at personal expense. The comic is happily colorful in a nice simple way that will definitely appeal to older-elementary children. It also presents the author’s clean art lines and paneling quite nicely, better than if the story stayed in black-and-white.

The story is also paced very well, taking proper advantage of the page count while taking consideration of the younger audience. The dialogue is therefore just right, without long wordy speech balloons, but also without insulting the intelligence of the young readership.

Adarna’s nod to the current indie-komik movement is also appreciated. Pilandokomiks is presented in the size we’re now familiar with for local comics: a booklet with 8 1/2 x 13 inch-size paper folded in the middle. It’s a nice size for kids, and it’s also a size most komikeros are now familiar with using.

Overall it’s a nice get especially if you have kids around. Do support and get it if you can, because it’s only in supporting do we give the local publishers incentive for better exposure of komiks in general.


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