rapid reviews (sukis)

Some of the releases I should have commented on before but didn’t get around to doing. May still be available in the coming Summer Komikon.

Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents 3 (Noel Pascual / AJ Bernardo) [Kowtow] — Please, if the Ang Maskot short film gets anywhere, can someone already make an indie movie out of this series? The conclusion of the two-parter started in issue 2 gives a satisfying, if rather initially confusing, ending, that can only happen in this country and be feasible, where fiestas are a big deal and we have more films of a franchise than we know what to do with. The art remains in the high standards it has set for itself, which makes the dark comedy even more effective, for you never really know what to expect at any point. Someone make a Kickstarter to create indie films of this already, please?

Cadre: Gremlin Pursuit 1 (Emil Flores, Ian Magallona, various artists) [Polyhedron] — The view into the various adventures of NBI agent Ganigan and his friends continues in this anthology, a more mixed-bag release due to the variation of art styles employed. What strings it all together this time is the running narrative that moves across the issue, where Ganigan and his friends are targeting some local big fish, with aspects that may be hard to explain anywhere but in this crazy country. Ian Magallona’s “Necessary Evils” reads well, but reads rather unevenly for some reason that is difficult to pin down.

Zombinoy 3 (Yleana, Cruz, Layante, Santos) [Pelikomiks] — This is another of the stories I wish someone would pick up for a major movie. The zombie problem rages on, and as is common in this country everyone is finding solutions for themselves without waiting for the slow-ish wheels of government. Some of our characters are getting brought into the Ark, a makeshift mobile city. The lovebirds are getting infested with a zombie attack. And the president is still fending off the Americans, and starting to fail at it. It’s The Walking Dead but with a very local flair, and it continues to deliver.

If I’m running out of coherent things to say about these regulars, this is just me trying to say, these are all really good, keep following them, they are worth the continuing support!


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