some basic helps for Komikon

This is not to say I’m an authority on the Komikon. I’m just a crazy shopper on Komikon days. Here are a few things I’ve learned from a few years of being crazy.

– Come for Komikon for the INDIES.
Yes, come for the English-translated manga, the DC, the Marvel, the Top Shelf, the Kikomachine, the rest of the Visprint line, and all that. But for goodness’ sake come primarily for the Indies, both the paying tables and the Indie Tiangge. The sponsors keep it alive, but the reason Komikon exists is because of the indies.

– Do NOT bring gear you will regret losing (like that expensive hobby camera or that new iPad).
Thieves are already aware of the anime, toy, and comics conventions for the conclaves of upper-class and middle-class geekery that they are. The crowds help their cause. Don’t make it easier for them.

– Bring a large-ish shopping bag.
The bag Komikon gives out is small and will run out quickly, no matter what your purchasing preferences are.

– Set your budget even before you step into Komikon.
Make sure you separate the transportation fare. And make sure you have enough to spare…to withdraw if necessary. You WILL spend more than you expected, so set a ceiling early.

– If you’ve been coming a few times, decide early what you will absolutely get.
You swear to get the new Kanto Inc issue, the newest Trese, the Boy Bakal TPR, the new Astiging Boy Ipis issue…..something like that. Find those tables first and get them out of the way. Because there are many groups and creators now, it is more than possible to forget what you planned to get out of distraction.

Don’t make decisions just on the covers. Request for the browsing copy and open the komiks. Be wary of the groups who don’t let you see browsing copies. The presence of a decently-paced, well-paneled story with good art can be judged even through a quick scan through the browsing copy. You should like both the insides and the outsides equally, no matter your personal preferences.

– Widen your horizons and look through all the tables!
It’s a very, very exciting time in Pinoy komiks, so don’t be afraid to try out everybody’s offerings at least once. If you prefer manga-style, go out on a limb and try Kalayaan. If you like your costumed Western-style superheroes, try the manga-style kids once (Columbia Kho is a good representative). Give the UP Grail’s alternative style a once try. Find Mythspace. Go home with one of Freely Abrigo or Omeng Estanislao’s books. Meet the angels of Mark9verse47. Give Boy Bakal a try no matter what your misgivings. Savor the winds of change in this country and be part of it.

– Be nice to the komikeros!
They’re generally friendly and are happy to be part of an exciting time. Share their excitement.


2 thoughts on “some basic helps for Komikon

  1. Hi ms. Jumper Cable! Just dropping by to say you’ve done a really big help to our local Comics Industry by tediously reviewing and supporting indie komiks. Its nice to know that someone reads our komiks, but what makes it better is the feedback we all need to know as to where we currently stand. Thank you! :))

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