Caution: Drugs/Sex/Rockn’Roll (rawwr enrique)

Patrick Enrique’s earlier releases have left me impressed, but without a lot of words to say. I seem to have a lot more words now. This was his release last BLTX3 and the Baguio convention. I finally have it.

A young man completely down on his luck and ready to throw himself off a building, meets a stranger that gives him a chance at everything he wanted and more. With this contract he becomes the biggest rock star in the country….of course, at a price.

Nothing new, and done several times before in all media forms. But by golly this is the best Rawwr has ever been. None of his NSFW is lost, but there is a power, a seriousness, and incredible detail work here that has not been seen in the earlier comics. The paneling is intentionally rougher and darker, shifting effectively to different types, to heighten its impact.

The inherent irreverence in the work actually makes it hit harder, for you clearly understand where the character is coming from, why the choice would even feel worth it until too late. Even if you could see how this will play out from a mile away, the pacing and the delivery of this theme makes you remember why the devil contract is still an effective plot device.

It’s time to take this guy seriously. He definitely has what is needed to reach great heights for the komik art form. And he’ll do it with his middle finger raised.


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