Ang Astiging Boy Ipis 1 (ignacio / monsanto) [sacred mountain]

Only the first chapter was available when I got there, and besides I never did get around to starting this tale, so this is not bad at all.

Mike Ignacio (named definitely after the writer) is a part-time hero, full-time loser. But he is a nice-enough fellow that you’re glad to have as a superhero and Bayan Knight, the kind with a healthy eye for girls but honorable enough to protect females. Almost immediately after being dumped by the most recent pretty girl, Mike finds himself having to rescue her from a bunch of NSFW-named bad guys. A quick costume-change in the mall public toilet later, and your friendly neighborhood Boy Ipis is on the case!

Boy Ipis is the half-sarcastic local answer to Spider-man, and is full of that classic comic’s tropes and devices. The classic tropes and devices of your local classic komiks are also here, mostly because Gilbert Monsanto’s style here takes from it. These are evened out by the fact that Mike Ignacio is a writer of the indie age. Thus modern flavor peppers the whole work, from the names of the baddies, to how Boy Ipis thinks through and responds to situations. The combination leads to a work that is accessible, relatable, and funny in the right places.

Boy Ipis’s backstory is found in the main Bayan Knights releases (which I unfortunately have not read), therefore this jumps immediately into the action with only a quick summary. That said, you quickly get a feel for the character’s personality, and that is what is more important. After all it’s the character that makes this series work, and makes this series worth following.


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