rapid reviews

More stuff I read through during the last few days.

Jose Rizal Terorista (Scourge) [Animation Guild Philippines] — It does have the interesting concept of a secret organization, all composed of reincarnated national heroes, and another organization out to hunt them down. The Jose Rizal incarnation is indeed quite likeable and cute. However, the pacing of this story is rather messy (though much better than their earlier releases), the scripting is confusing, and it stopped much too early to properly establish what is going on and why Jose Rizal is now a terrorist. All this said, I still liked this, an attempt at an original story using the manga-style methods, with a full awareness and utilization of being Pinoy.

Juan Derlandia 3 (Sherwin Sablaon) [Pazin-Tave] — This is a good example of how it’s supposed to be done. Juan continues his adventures with Bayabas and meets Sora, a healer and herbalist. It should come in useful when they face a group of mushroomy bad guys, the Kabu-Teyaff. Amalayer jokes and other recent cultural references abound, as the fighting commences without resorting to the Maliksi mode. Some princely backstory is even delivered. The series continues to be likeable and moves at a good pace, with some of the most professional digital inking and presentation among the indies, no matter the art style. Also among the manga-style artists this is the rare one that takes from the shonen genre. But since it presents itself with pacing like in a 40-page monthly manga chapter issue, and the new indie age has quarterly releases, it makes me wonder why the author doesn’t adjust the story pacing accordingly and start delivering more information. Because I’m not sure how long he’ll be around to keep up the series, before he moves on to other things, like many other komikeros have done.

Ang Sumpa 1-2 (Andoyman) [Andoyman Komiks] — If you were thinking that this would be a horror comic, you, and I, were mistaken. The president of the country is found dead in a resthouse, and a drug overdose is not a feasible cause, even if it is the most obvious. On the case are Arman (the Sherlock) and Javier (the Watson), though if Arman is a real detective is unclear for now. Both characters unfortunately look too much like all the politicians in the panels that they are hard to tell apart, and Arman is a bit too much the Sherlock clone in his techniques. The art and its inking is sharp. The paneling and pacing is balanced so that the dense speech balloons do not overwhelm any panel or page. However in both issues there is a little too much talking and not enough happening. All this said, though, I think I’m still interested enough to follow what will happen next.

Kolsenter Komiks (Toto Madayag) [Pulang Punla] — These are the compiled Facebook comics about several call center agents, with special appearances of their bosses. This gives the outlook of the regular employee, in contrast to Callwork which shifts between the rank-and-file and the upper-level management. It’s a humorous yet honest look at the absurdities of the life, and the various ways people try to either laugh at it, get around it, or endure through it. The presentation is consistently, erm, adorable in its snarky way, with good paneling and inking. It’s probably better-looking in its FB colored form, so either go through the FB archives or wait for them to upload their new free pages.


4 thoughts on “rapid reviews

  1. salamat po maam sa reveiw.. 🙂 sa 4 & 5 may mga marereveal na secret na.. 🙂 at balak ko po ilabas yung chapter 0(history) ng online.. salamat po uli.. 🙂

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