Bakemono High volume 1 (elbert or)

Admittedly I am too old for the kiddie magazines. Also, confusing splashes of bright color close together in any one place makes my head ache (Pinterest does this to me, which is why I’m not there). These are two of the main reasons why I don’t follow K-zone. However one cannot be a citizen of the capital without having seen K-zone a few times. It does have some of the nicer professional comic artists in its stable, releasing new full-color chapters on a monthly basis. If this is something that could be expanded on for more komikeros, this could a viable option for the willing.

Bakemono (Monster) High is one of the stable comics in the magazine. It’s the casual comedic school-based adventures of a group of unusual friends in the most unusual school. Your main characters are the conflicted vampire principal’s son, the werewolf happy-go-lucky best friend, the shy dimension-crossing witch and werewolf’s love interest, and a happy mummy. Yes, it makes for great interpersonal dynamics, and this is what makes this series work as a favorite in the roster.

The comedy punch lines (full of slapstick and monster references) are delivered at a level any kid will understand, but a level that a more mature readership may find lacking after a while. Since this comic series runs in a magazine catering to elementary children, this is not a big problem while inside K-zone. But when the series is compiled by itself, this is more noticeable. Also, the something that makes children’s material transcend years and resonate with any age level…it is not here.

It is true, though, that this has some of the most dynamic and likeable art among the professional comics. The illustrations deliver well what the character is thinking and make the comedy work. The inking is precise. The coloring for the original magazine versions is simple and bright yet well-done. The pacing and paneling is just right, such that each release does not overwhelm nor does it give too little.

Overall it’s a series that is hard to not like, especially as a kid. However this is also a kiddie series that will not work at all levels. Not a classic, but great.


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