The Filipino Heroes League 2: The Sword (paolo fabregas) [alamat] [visprint]

Being a REAL superhero when you’re considered the enemy: it’s more fun in the Philippines. Soon after the president declares Martial Law, everything descends into chaos. The chaos is mostly fuelled by mutants and former superheroes running the show from the shadows. Adding flames to the fire are the funded Republic Heroes. The severely outnumbered and outclassed Filipino Heroes League have only one recourse: to kidnap the president. And even this move does not destroy terrible plans already in place.

EDSA in this decade, with mutants, is what the second volume has. The volume openly expects that you have read the first and are aware of the situation: that the real heroes are not necessarily the ones in the best costumes and best equipment. This full understanding of the great resilience of the Pinoy given limited resources continues in this volume. It also includes the practical understanding that corruption is normal and expected in this country, which of course alters the situation. No one is completely good, no one is fully bad, as it should be in good stories. It’s fun that way, this story, that it takes in such realities and works around it.

There are minor missteps here and there in both the art and the text (sir, it’s a tourniquet). The technique employed here to differentiate ostensibly speaking in Tagalog versus speaking in Pinoy English was hard to follow. But on the whole the coordination of the art panels and the text delivers effective thematic blows at just the perfect moments. All the main characters are given adequate airtime to show their personalities, skills, and motivations. The balance between action, suspense, romance, comedy, sudden plot twists, and comments about the state of things continues to be almost perfect.

This is, of course, one of the ways the Alamat group is pushing the limits and breaking the walls. It’s doing a perfectly fine job at it, and this is one of the main representatives.


4 thoughts on “The Filipino Heroes League 2: The Sword (paolo fabregas) [alamat] [visprint]

  1. nice review! better if you left out the “it’s” in “it’s more fun in the philippines”. trust the pop culture aptitude of your readers. 😀

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