Hero Kitten Kuting Magiting 1 (robert magnuson) [omf hiyas]

By the time I got to the Summer Komikon, all I found was the ‘Sold Out!’ sign with the adorable Kuting Magiting drawing. Yes, apparently all 100 prepared copies were sold that day, which tells you how respected Robert Magnuson is, and how immediately resonating this little comic is that it spread word-of-mouth on the day. What I have, therefore, is the Free Comic Book Day PDF release, from Flipreads.

During a rainy night, a college professor narrowly avoids hitting a soaked little kitten with his car. He decides to take the kitten home with him. Kuting is so incredibly adorable and sweet, with enough spunk like a good cat should have. His pet dog initially sees a threat to his position and decides to take action, but he soon realises that the cute kitten is definitely NOT your ordinary stray cat.

The comments by Static Cat in the Kitty Letters section of the book does have a few legitimate points. Being the first chapter of this story, the kitten is just presented as a simple kitten, with just enough of a glimpse into Kuting’s potential power to keep us interested. Also, it is indeed more about the professor’s pet dog than it is about Kuting. These are not weaknesses of the story, and the comic-book-loving dog is quite the likeable character himself. The dog is relatable, in wanting to get rid of the newcomer to keep his status, and is thus likeable for having such a human quality to him.

The comments by the Mystery Duck is also highly legitimate (these two are regular characters of the newspaper comic Shirley’s Pets, where Kuting Magiting was first seen). Despite being so straightforward and simple, this little story makes you want to go “AWWWWWW SO CUTE!” and share it with everyone you meet.

Of course, it’s so adorable, sweet, and compelling despite being so simple because Robert Magnuson has his comic techniques and comedy techniques down perfectly. Keeping use of speech balloons to the absolute minimum focuses your attention on the action. The pacing is exactly right to keep the suspense and to deliver the key points. The art is simple but well-detailed in its crosshatching and inking techniques.

This is a lot of words for a little story about an extraordinary kitten. All the mounting hype about this story is completely deserved. This story is definitely worth the get and the follow. Share it with a pet lover or a child in your life. Love it yourself!


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