more rapid reviews

There are rivers of water on my streets. Graceland is in half an hour. Therefore, I review.

Short does not mean did not like. I LOVE Sixty-Six, I just run out of words to say about the awesome.

Sixty-Six 2 (Russel Molina / Ian Sta. Maria) [Alamat] — Okay, so I got it somewhat wrong the first time. Senior citizen Celestino Cabal, contrary to my first impression, did not use to have super powers. Now he suddenly has them, and he totally likes using them, for all that it makes him feel strong and young, and in general, capable, again. And yet he can’t change the thing he wants so desperately to have different: his wife is still slowly failing to dementia. The series continues to be powerful in its quiet yet beautifully rendered, descriptive, so wonderfully paced way. You don’t expect to get all of these senior-citizen feels, but ohemgee, this series will totally make you have them.

The Wingnaut (Alexana Montinola / Margarita Maramara) — A nameless special baby girl in a little barrio grows a pair of angel wings. They’re cute, and her mommy accepts the wings as part of her pretty girl, and so does the barrio accept her even with her wings, but she can’t seem to fly with them. This may change, though, as she meets a strange old woman who does not sneer at her efforts to fly. The main character is a likeable girl, not spunky but quite confident. Even her mother is a nice wonderful person to know. The penciling was not completely removed post-inking, but this gives the whole work some charm. The art itself, though, is well-detailed and very adorable. There is smooth, understandable paneling all throughout, with sufficient paneling variation to keep things interesting. Overall, a well-made piece for a komiks newcomer, and I do want to know more about their angel girl.

Komikwento (Miko Migrino) — I would not be surprised if this were a school project of some sort. As World War II is going to the Japanese and the Americans are losing the advantage, a family with a soldier son weighs their options: to stay in war-torn Manila, or to head to the provinces. The art style is rather rough but capable, and the pacing is actually quite nice, giving us both a personal view of a family in wartime Manila, as well as a personal view of political leaders of the time. The art needs work, but the author does have the basics in place and will still improve.

Red and White Uno (Eric Mendoza) [Komik Erik] — The art is stylistic and distinct. The pacing is action-packed but rather confusing. The basic premise of a secret organization of superhero-types, is interesting. But the execution is typical of every third other manga, complete with fainting girl falling from the heavens. The delivery is very confusing. I did not understand who these characters were, what the organization was, and why I should be concerned or interested. It probably just stopped to soon to explain itself properly, but in general this story may work better with a partner friend doing the scripting.


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