Cubie ‘n Bouncy Out of the Box (jeciel gaerlan)

The Cubie n’ Bouncy book was already out and praised much last November Komikon, but at the time I was running out of funds and passed on it as one of the for-kids comics. The mistake was corrected last Summer Komikon.

Cubie and Bouncy are a box and a ball, respectively, toys of John’s family. Cubie is generally depressed, Bouncy is generally optimistic. Both get thrown around and misused then loved then well-used in equal turns by the family, who sees them for the inanimate objects they are. The humor is taken from their very human feelings about being manhandled and mishandled then properly handled. The series are the compiled four-panel strips available on Facebook.

John’s family is actually quite nice, and so are their pets, but all of them are just clueless about the feelings of their toys. Similarly, Cubie and Bouncy don’t fully understand the motives for the human actions. This disconnect accounts for most of the comedy in the series. It also works out as cute and adorable, because both sides are just confused, but neither is sadistic. Along the way there are many little insights into family life that gets across, which also adds to making this series very likeable.

The art style is quite clean and smooth, and works really well in color, so the higher production value of the full-color book presentation is definitely appreciated. The lettering for the dialogue is nice and understandable. The author has a great sense of comedic timing, both for visual gags and wordplay.

Overall it’s a series more for parents with young kids than it is for kids, because it presents life in the eyes of a parent of young children. It’s understandable enough that a kid in the higher elementary grades will get most of the jokes. It’s a nice family-oriented comic series, and more compilations will be really nice.


One thought on “Cubie ‘n Bouncy Out of the Box (jeciel gaerlan)

  1. Holy Cubismo!!! Sorry, I just read it now. Thanks, Mr. Jumpercable. This is one more reason to finish my second Cubie ‘n Bouncy book. It’s just so expensive to publish my own books. I’m exploring doing e-books instead. Hang in there. Don’t let go of the cable.

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