Work In Progress 3 (pacheco/pavon)

Eli is starting to actually enjoy being a working young adult, but he still feels that something is missing in his life, and in the life of his friends. When pretty comic-geek girl Katie comes back in his life, he hatches a plan to both get her affection and to get a part of himself back: he would make an indie komik again. That is, make a komik from scratch, and sell at Komikon. However life is different and practical now, all of his friends have work, and it’s not so easy as it sounds.

It’s rather clear that the series is partly the author and illustrator thinking about the same problems in real life, and these are, partly, their answers to themselves. In its quietly light-hearted way, it addresses big questions and thoughts: Is money all that matters? Should we follow our dreams, or follow reason? Can we and should we do both? How much of our interests should we give up, in favor of practical needs?

In answering these, WIP shows us not just Eli grappling with his thoughts and choices about them. This instalment contrasts this with the individual responses of his friends. It is presented better as two or three stories are woven together, by letting the dialogue of one scenario proceed while showing the events in another. The individual choices are presented without necessarily favouring Eli’s (even if he is the lead). They are simply and pragmatically shown as the legitimate choices that they are. It is appreciated, though, how these varied choices are brought together toward a united decision.

The yellow palette is comfortable on the eyes, and emphasizes the increase in detailed line art now present in many of the panels. In general the art is coming into its own, showing its distinct style, clean and defined, expressive in both the quiet and emotional moments.

Overall Work In Progress is showing itself with continuing warmth and increasing depth, while retaining the light-hearted feel. We do want to see this barkada succeed, and for the comic team to keep this up.


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