publisher-indie komiks for schools (high school)

Here we discuss the komiks that are printed under a publisher, which makes them a bit easier to find. Maybe start with these, then try finding the rest of komiks during a Komiket or Komikon.

These are suggested as hopefully useful for high school/senior high school.

– Maktan 1521 (Tepai Pascual) [Visprint/Meganon]

A retelling of the events around the battle of Maktan, but in the eyes of Datu Lapu-lapu, his balangay, and the neighboring tribes afraid to go against the Spaniards. It quickly undoes what we have always been told about it, because it is not in the eyes of colonizers, but in the eyes of our own intelligent, driven people.

– Ella Arcangel (Julius Villanueva) [Haliya]

Ella is like Trese, one who protects reality from the supernatural world, but she does this as a poverty-stricken girl in an informal-settler barangay. This reality permeates the whole story, changing how Ella moves and responds to challenges, while protecting her chosen family, while protecting herself against her own family sometimes. It is serious stuff, but can be handled by high schoolers.

– Strange Natives: The Boy with Capiz Eyes (Paolo Herras/Carlorozy Clemente) [Meganon]

A young boy just goes to the province with his parents on vacation, but finds that he has access to a very strange world, and that his relatives have a rather strange supernatural background. Beautifully illustrated work, it is a very impressive adventure that can resonate with young adults.

– Si Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon comic adaptation (Edgar Calabia Samar/Carljoe Javier/Natasha Ringor) [Anino]

The Janus Silang series is already being read in schools, and some are correctly using the komik version to better understand it. It does not hold back on the horror aspects, but well controls the story being interpreted.

– CAST (Jamie Bautista/Arnold Arre, Elbert Or, other various artists) [Nautilus]

From the early age of indie komiks is the story of a two neighboring high schools trying to make a King Arthur adaptation musical, and the problems that come with it. Still one of the best interpretations of high school life even after around 10 years, copies are still available with the publisher.

I’ll add to this list as I remember. Also please suggest titles that you are aware of.

Meganon, Nautilus, and Haliya are independent publishers, and the best way to get their books is to contact them directly. Visprint and Anino/Adarna House titles are easier to find in bookstores, but they’re just a fraction of all the komiks available. Take a chance on one or several, and come back for more.

Give the new age of komiks a chance.


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