Bellboy and the Hotel Universe (arvin de leon/alex sandoval)

An older release by the Comic Every Thursday group (of which Elbert Or is a member), it was purchased because, well, it was more affordable, and the art was cute and surprising. That dinosaur with the pie is adorably cute.

Bellboy, child of the stars, is practically the servant boy of an inter-planetary hotel with access to various dimensions in each room. After introducing the cute kid and his dinosaur pet, it goes on to show what he does for a living: getting rid of space debris, stopping the overthrow of kings, stopping wars. All in a day’s work.

The art is more like those find in current Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network cartoons, angular and cartoony and cute. But this is not to say it does not present itself well. On the contrary. The paneling is great, the detail of the art is present in many panels. The emotions are seen well. The characters are distinct. The geeky English is likeable.

It’s just sad that the comic did not continue, as mentioned at the end. (Or if did, point me to it?)


Crazy Metro: Roommates Wanted (fiestan / lu / blackmer)

I suspect this is the only impulse buy at MCC (since, as mentioned, I was broke), principally because aside from the series I already follow like Zombies in Manila this has the most interesting and pro-looking art and paneling.

Crazy Metro ( is normally a 4-panel webcomic that started around June 2010, about five guys who end up renting a house together. As I’m starting to learn, the comic strips do not explain how that happened. That’s the responsibility of the 20-pager I bought.

The intro comic does one thing right that I was looking for with Starchild and Jagannath: a proper introduction of all the relevant characters. This does it really well, telling us, for example, in no uncertain terms that JV is a seasoned nurse and Artix is a kind of medical intern that nurses find hard to bear, something easy to mistake by outsiders through the same use of scrubs. THIS, being somewhat in the business, I salute for getting it right by doing the research or asking a nurse friend.

The paneling is pro-grade and tight without being overwhelming. The typesetting has nothing wrong with it, insetting of photos is a nice touch. The art is manga-inspired, yet the reaction shots do not go overboard and retains originality.

And as a girl, it does help that these guys are all cute and likeable. ^^v

The comic strips are cute by themselves, and they do show off the illustrator’s skill in digital coloring. But if the creators don’t mind….could I have more of this book-style comic version?

Callous compilation 2 and Patintero 4

I was really broke during the MCC and was not in the best form, so the purchases then was really limited. (Result: I still don’t have issues 5 and 6 of Mark 9:47, or any of Mactan 1521. Some of the recs from others like School Days is still unbought. And Pope Byakuran was not bought, LOL!)

For two series I already track, some quick reviews:

Callous: Take Two Spoonfuls of the Sunny Side – The second compilation of the Rianne’s-daily-life strips, it’s presented in the same quality of the first compilation, with its good and not-so-good points already given in the longer review. I liked the Movie Mess series a lot, and I did like how it ended.

Patintero issue 4 – For some reason I like Patintero quite a heap, and it’s one of the series that is fast becoming a no-questions-asked-it-shall-be-bought series (along with Kanto Inc.). The author is getting better at this, because for something created after Summer Komikon for MCC (an interval of 3 weeks), it looks really good. Main hero Owen finds himself recruited into the underground league, despite of or because of his handicap. Three new characters are also introduced, all three of which I like (especially the Anzai-ish coach!). The author has to eventually do a character lineup page (something seen in front of most manga volumes), because I’m starting to lose track of who is named what.